The 1571 parallel port

for Commodore 1570 and 1571 drives


You need the following parts to build this port:

  • One solderable 15-pin female port (PC game port)
  • An unshielded 10-wire cable of about 10-20 centimeters

Step 1. Solder one end of the cable right onto the CIA periphery chip inside the drive.

Step 2. Cut a hole on the case of the drive, glue or screw the game port into it and solder the other end of the short cable onto the port. You should have the following connections:

CIA Game port
 10, PA0   1
 11, PA1   2
 12, PA2   3
 13, PA3   4
 14, PA4   5
 15, PA5   6
 16, PA6   7
 17, PA7   8
 18, PC  10
 24, FLAG   9

Circuit diagram:

[Parallel port for 1570 and 1571 drives]

You can find the description of all parts used on the diagrams at the legend page.

Source: The Joe Forster-STA homepage