The X1531 cable


The X1531 cable connects Commodore 1531 datasettes, those of C16 and Plus 4 machines, to the PC parallel port. It's compatible with all kinds of parallel ports and with Commodore 1531 datasettes and compatible clones.

Hardware requirements

You need the following hardware to make use of this cable:

  • A PC with a parallel port
  • A Commodore 1531 datasette or clone

Software support

The following PC softwares support this cable:

  • mtap and ptap ( by Markus Brenner, 1998-2000)


You can find the details on how to build this cable at the construction page.


Connect the mini-DIN plug into your Commodore datasette. Connect the game port plug into the game port of your PC. Connect the parallel plug into the parallel port of your PC.

Make sure to put your equipment far away from monitors, TV sets and other devices with strong emission, otherwise cables may pick up interference and you may experience data loss or corruption.


The X1531 cable is by Markus Brenner, 2001.

Source: The Joe Forster-STA homepage