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This emulator package allows your Atari ST, STE, TT, Falcon, Apple
Macintosh (using MagiCMac) or PC (using an Atari emulator) to run as a
TRS-80 Model III. It will run virtually all Model III software. The
emulator requires a monochrome screen mode (starting with ST high).
A harddisk is not required.

- Deactivate the "Atari compatible" option if you run the emulator on an
Atari. The keyboard emulation will be much better and the joystick is

- If you select the option "Disk System" you have to put disk
"NEWDOS80.DSK" inside virtual drive 0 and select the reboot option

- I installed drive 3 as a single sided single density drive for you.
Use this drive if you have converted Model I disks using 2nd Convert.
If you want to use it for Model III disks you have to use PDRIVE first

- You quit the emulation mode by pressing the UNDO key

- Pressing the HELP key in emulating mode works also.

- When using non-disk BASIC you have to select the option "Adapt Clock"
if you want the TRS-80 clock to run correctly. For NEWDOS/80 you have
to deselect it since it will patch the routine itself;

This package is distributed in two .ZIP files, Together they should
contain the following files:

- TRS80.PRG The emulator program itself

- TRS80.RSC Its resource file

- README.TXT Short documentation for a quick start (ASCII format)

- UPDATE.TXT Information about the current update (ASCII format)

- FAQ.TXT Frequent asked questions (ASCII format)

- SPEED.BAS Model III BASIC program for testing emulation speed
(also on NEWDOS/80 disk)


- MANUAL.HTM Manual (HTML format)

- MANUAL.TXT Manual (ASCII format)

- NEWDOS80.HTM Description of NewDOS/80 commands (HTML format)

- NEWDOS80.TXT Description of NewDOS/80 commands (ASCII format)

- ROMINFO.TXT Technical info about the TRS-80 Model III ROM

- RAMINFO.TXT Technical info about the RAM memory use by BASIC & DOS

- BASIC.TXT Manual of TRS-80 Basic by J. L. Ganley

- FD179X.TXT Description of the Western Digital FD179X series Floppy
Disk Controller

DISKS\ Model III Virtual disks (all NEWDOS/80 format)

- NEWDOS80.DSK Virtual disk containing Apparat's operating system,
BASIC and Z-80 Editor/Assembler. It also contains ACCEL3
which is a (partial) BASIC compiler, EXCHANGE/CMD for
exchanging files between the Atari and emulated TRS-80


- GAMES1.DSK Machine language games
GAMES2.DSK Machine language games
GAMES3.DSK Machine language games


- CONVERT.PRG Program to convert received disk image files to virtual
disk files which can be used by the emulator. It can
also convert disk image files from Jeff Vavasour's
PC Model I emulator and Yves Lempereur's Model 1
emulator for the Macintosh to model I formatted virtual
disks, which for example can be read by NEWDOS after
using the PDRIVE command (as I told you, I did that
for drive 3. Just put the disks in this drive)

- CONVERT.RSC Its resource file

- CONNECT.PRG Program to receive and send files and disks through
the parallel port

- CONNECT.RSC Its resource file

- RECEIVE.BAS Model III BASIC program to receive ATARICON.CMD through
the parallel port [oops, I can't find it anymore...

- ATARICON.CMD Model III program to receive and send files and disks
through the parallel port. This version is not yet
finished, disk images are not always received

- BIN2CMD.TOS A small program to convert .BIN files from the public
domain Z-80 assembler (not included) to TRS-80 .CMD


Since this package is never finished there are known problems with it:

- FDC format track and read track are not yet implemented. The result is
that the DOS FORMAT command doesn't work. To create a new virtual disk
you have to copy an existing one using the Desktop and delete all it's
files using DOS KILL or PURGE. Since you will normally have the system
disk in virtual drive 0 you don't need system files on the other disks
so you better copy a non-system disk instead of the system disk.

- The Z-80 DAA instruction is not supported because this would decrease
the emulation speed considerably. I have included a "smart DAA" which
recognizes pieces of code and emulates the DAA correctly. Until now
only the DAA instructions of NEWDOS/80 are recognized. Be sure to
activate this option.

- The Japanese font is not yet complete.

- The last character of the virtual disk is not visible.

- The video speedup routine contains a bug which results in a hanging
Voyage of the Valkyrie. Deactivate it if you want to play this great

- Pascal doesn't work yet (I didn't include it).

- The disassembler shows the debugger breakpoints and patches (RST0).

- The emulation of the keyboard sometimes behaves strange.

- NEWDOS/80 BASIC is considerably slower then non-disk basic. I don't
know why yet. Be smart and start all BASIC files which are not using
disk-basic from non-disk basic. To do this LOAD them from within
disk-basic and then CSAVE to an Atari file.

- Automatic starting of machine language programs which are loaded using
the adapted basic SYSTEM command is not yet possible. If the file has
the tape format use the original SYSTEM command instead.

- Incorrect CapsLock support in MagiCMac mode.

- Problem with CLOAD, CSAVE, SYSTEM dialogbox in MagiCMac mode.


You can find the latest version of the package on the Internet: or at

Send an email to me if you want to be added to the 2nd Life mailinglist.
I will use this list to notify you about new updates, tips and tricks.

For the time being my email address is :
If you can't reach me there, use :


Copyright (C) 1995-1997 Sander Berents. All rights reserved. Permission
to freely distribute this package in its original form is encouraged,
but it must NOT BE SOLD OR ALTERED (A reasonable media charge for
distribution of this package is acceptable).

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