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Hatari binary for TOS and MiNT/68k
Version 0.50

This document only contains some hints concerning the binary release version
for TOS and MiNT/68k. Please refer to the files in the "doc" subdirectory for
more information.
- This binary release ships with EmuTOS (the file "tos.img"). EmuTOS is
an open source TOS clone licensed under the GPL. Please visit the
official EmuTOS page ( for more
information and for obtaining versions in other languages or the
source code.
However, if you want to play games or watch demos, you should better
use an original TOS ROM image since many games and demos do not work
very well with EmuTOS yet.
- This version of Hatari needs a 68020 or better CPU to run. Of course you
also need a very fast CPU. I've only tested it on Aranym (without JIT) - and
Hatari is running too slow there to be usable.
- You need about 24 MB contiguous free RAM to run the emulator!
- You can activate the Hatari configuration dialogs by pressing F10 while the
emulator is running - normally it is activated by pressing the F12 key, but
there is no F12 on the Atari keyboard, so I had to use the F10 key.
Hatari for TOS/MiNT isn't very usable yet, I'm sorry. Just consider it as a
proof of concept...
That's all for the moment. Please read the documentation in the "doc"
subdirectory, too.


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