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power without the price

This is a french program which may make your games work on Falcon030.

How to proceed:

First make a bootdisk with the MAGIBOOT programm.

Then boot on it, you will be asked if you like 1 or 2 meg memory config.

After the F030 is booted, start MAGI, this will install itself and then
reboot automatically. Now you can configure all what you like. If you don't
understand what all those questions are about, look at the source included.
If you have sound problems, switch on "Trap exceptions" but don't use
"STE-mode" because then you won't get any bus-error exceptions.
Afer all questions are answered, put your game disk in. MAGI will now
load the bootsector and the game will (perhaps) run.

Have fun,

Gunstick from Unlimited Matricks
Watch out for T.W.I.D. !
Date: 10 Mai 1993


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