Atari Forever

power without the price

This emulator was written by Folkert van Heusden (

This emulator emulates & supports:
- a maximum of 64MB MSX-Memory (! 64 Megabyte !)
- memory mappers
- konami scc
- data-recorder using sampler
- data-recorder using diskdrive
- rs232c
- printer port
- full msx-2 vdp! but: vdp-draw commands are not supported _YET_
- AY-3-8910 (3-channel music)
- Sony Data Cartridge (8255)
- RP-5C01 Klok Chip
- Kanji ROM
- Philips Music Module
- Turbo-R 250kHz counter

This emulator his highly configurable and should work on all
Atari ST
Atari STf
Atari STm
Atari STfm
Atari STe
Atari Mega ST
Atari Mega STe
Atari TT
Atari TTx
Atari Falcon 030
Atari Falcon 040
computers with at least 1 meg of memory. It might work as well on ST's
with 0.5Mb memory, but I have not tested that.

Use this program at your own risk!

© marko latvanen / atari forever 1999-2006