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It is I, Ed....

Don't forget, The Nesulator only works with a Jagpad. "Option" is
Select, Button C is Start, Buttons A & B work as on a real NES.

Note that a lot of NES games use Select for the initial menu and
Start is often Pause in the game.

These games are from different stages of development, so different
things happen when you click the left mouse button.

On Zelda, clicking the mouse button puts you into control mode.
Press E to exit the program, C to continue, S to save the current
state (instant save game feature) and L to load it. The save file
is always called "Nesulate.sav" and goes where the program was
loaded from.

I think the versions of Castlevania & Mario are similar but on the
other games, clicking the mouse just exits.

Turning Nemesis on is very recommended!

Split screen scrolling is not done, so don't worry if it looks
wonky at times, also sprites going behind the background is'nt yet
handled either, so this is why going into a cave in Zelda looks

I don't think I will do a full colour emulation of the NES screen,
as it only slows it down even more on the STE, but as you can see
the display is perfectly workable as it is now. I think I can get
it to go a bit faster though...

That's all I think, I'll now run out and get this in the post!


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