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Short: Atari 2600 (VCS) Emulator for PPC (WarpUP)
Author: (PPC Version), Matthew Stroup (Base Amiga Port)
Version: 0.83
Type: misc/emu
Virtual 2600 Amiga version 0.83 is an Atari 2600 (VCS) emulator for fast
Amigas by Matthew Stroup. This is the PPC version, done by me, Steffen
Haeuser. The archive also contains a 68k version with some new features
(mainly ASL Filerequester fixed and added rtgmaster support).
PPC version is generally around 2x faster than 68k version. PPC Version
is 100% C, 68k version contains some 68k Code from Matthew Stroup.
Any fast 020+ Amiga with OS 3.0 or better. Fast RAM recommended.
PPC and WarpUP required for PPC Version. rtgmaster V34 required.
Lowlevel.library required.
Changes to Matthew's Version (he also gets the latest sources from me
to integrate them into his port)
- PPC Version
- fps counting
- optional fps counter while playing (strangely only works with PPC
- changed Joystick/Pad code to lowlevel.library
- Changed GFX Output to rtgmaster
- fixed Bug in ASL Requester (which caused for example ram:pacman.bin
to get ram:/pacman.bin).
- Some other small changes
This emulator also has sound, unlike my other PPC Emulators :)))
If anybody has information about how to make "Reactor" running on Virtual 2600.
It always complains about a read 0x2c6 !!! And it was at the times i owned a 2600
my favourite game !!! It does not run on my port, it does not run on the original
V2600 Amiga by Matthew Stroup :( Always that 0x2c6 stuff...

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