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Sinclair ZX81 Emulator V2.1
This is an emulator program for the legendary Sinclair ZX81 homecomputer of
the year 1981. It should work on all Atari computers of the ST(E)/TT series.
The emulator needs no hardware support, nevertheless nearly everything works
and looks like on the original ZX81. The ZX81 Emulator ist Public Domain. If
you are a commercial PD dealer, please report to the author. Also note, that
no guarantee is given that all parts of the ZX81 ROM Software and the ZX81
programs may be copied freely. My address: Christoph Zwerschke
Am Steinfeld 4, D-59379 Selm-Cappenberg, GermanyThe ZX81 Emulator should come along with the following files: ZX81.PRG ZX81 Emulator program
ZX81.TXT german documentation
READ_ME.TXT text you are reading now
3D_LABYR.81 3D labyrinth game
ASSDEMO1.81 assembler demo program 1
ASSDEMO2.81 assembler demo program 2
ASSEBLE.81 Z80 assembler
DISASSEM.81 Z80 disassembler
GALACTIC.81 "Scramble" game
KONG.81 "Crazy Kong" game
STUFFDEM.81 tool-kit demo
ZX_GT.81 BASIC compiler
ZX_STUFF.81 BASIC tool-kitFiles with the extension ".81" are ZX81 programs. There may be many more of
them, but you should copy at least the above specified programs.The emulator has two "hot keys". The first one is the "Undo" key, which opens
the emulator control box. In this dialog box, you can change the ZX81 parame-
ters and do some more control operations. If you like, you can also load and
save the parameters to existing ZX81 programs. The programs thus are always
coupled to the suitable emulator parameters. The ZX81 program files stay ZX81
compatible. You can also load and save ZX81 memory blocks. A change of the
ZX81 RAM extension will become valid not before the next ZX81 reset. If you
reset the ZX81, the parameters "ZX81.INF" and then the memory block "ZX81.MEM"
will be loaded automatically, if they exist.The second "hot key" is the "Help" key. It shows you the layout of the ZX81
keyboard. The Atari keyboard has the same layout in the ZX81 Emulator. You can
use the normal Atari keyboard layout, if you press "Alternate" together with
the keys. You can also lock and unlock this Atari keyboard mode with the
"CapsLock" key, which has no other function in the emulator because the ZX81
only knows capital letters.ZX81 programs are loaded and saved in the usual ZX81 way with the ZX BASIC
commands LOAD and SAVE. Instead of the ZX81 cassette interface the actual
GEMDOS file path is used. If you type in an empty program name, you can choose
a name using the file select box of the Atari GEM.Share and enjoy! Christoph Zwerschke June 18, 1993

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