One morning, coming up to Christmas,the milkman was doing his round.
As he delivered to this particular house the housewife stopped him 
and asked him if he would like some breakfast. The milkman said,
 "Sure,why not?", and came inside. After breakfast the housewife asked
him if he would like to come upstairs into the bedroom with her. 
The milkman, not believing his luck, acquiesced and they fucked upstairs.
On the milkman's departure, the housewifegave him a £1 note. When he 
asked her what the money was for she said: "My husband and I were talking
about what to give you for Christmas, and he said: 
'ah, fuck him and give him a pound.'- the breakfast was my idea."  


(C) Marko, Suomen Atari-sivut / ArkiSTo 2003