Here is an unofficial transcript of Bob Brodie's "Dateline: Atari" November
4, 1993, the day of the Jaguar rollout!  This file has not been edited
except to remove unneccessary items and to make it more visually appealing
(and readable).
   This is the night we've been eagerly anticipating ... the official
 Jaguar roll out from New York City with a live report on the news
 conference held just two hours ago.
   As usual for our Dateline Atari RTC's, our special guest is the
 Director of Communications, Bob Brodie. Despite a very hectic and
 exciting day, Bob has chosen to give GEnie users the first accounts
 of this evening's news conference.
   Elsewhere in the Atari ST RoundTable there is growing excitement
 about the Jaguar, the host of new game developers and the unbelievable
 climb of Atari stock which hit a high of 12 1/8 today!
   Now, without further ado, heeeeeeeere's Bob!
<[Bob & Ron] BOB-BRODIE>
   Thanks, Lou.  We have a very brief account of the evening that
 we'd like to upload at this time, then we'll be happy to take
 any and all questions from the audience.  I'd like to express
 how very excited Ron and I are to be here tonight on Atari's
 official online service: GEnie!!!  The size of the group here
 tonight is just wonderful, and really helps to show the high
 level of interest in the Jaguar.  With that, here comes our
 prepared remarks.
   Welcome one and all!! We have just returned from the jungle!!
 Atari has just rolled out the 64-bit home entertainment system
 to a standing room only audience on the 48th floor of the Time-
 Life Building in New York City.
   I am joined here tonight with my wife Jerri, Ron Kovacs and
 John Gagne of the Z*Net News Service.  We are coming to you live
 from the Paramount Hotel on 46th St in Manhattan.  We invited
 the cast from Les Miserables, but they were too busy to attend.
 :)  They're just across the street.
   What we have witnessed tonight is a new era for Atari
 Corporation.  The introduction and announcement of release of
 the Jaguar, a 64-Bit home entertainment machine.  On hand at the
 press conference were Jack Tramiel, sons Sam, Leonard and Garry,
 myself, Bill Rehbock, James Grunke,  Augie Ligouri, Terry
 Valeski, John Skruch, Susan McBride, Purple Hampton, and many
 other staff members from Sunnyvale.
   Major press agencies such as CBS,NBC,  ABC, CNN and local
 reporters from the New York Times, Wall Street Journal,
 entertainment and Atari media were in attendance at the event.
 Heard from nearly ALL of the attendees were WOW and shouts of
 excitement from the presentation hosted by Sam Tramiel.
   Guests were greeted by three male and female jet black leather
 and vinyl costumed jaguar cats.  Tropical foliage, flowering
 bamboo, moist fog, blue and green tinted pin spots and animal
 cries, deep from within the heart of the jungle.
   Inside the concept changed dramatically, encircling the entire
 event were Atari Jaguar and Lynx kiosks accented with blue neon
 rods, ice blue pin spots and more tropical foliage.  Positioned
 in two corners of the room were wire caged with the jaguar
 costumed dancers.
   Sam gave a presentation, accompanied by video displays of the
 Jaguar TV commercial, and sales videos for the retail stores.
   There was no expense spared to convey the messages to the
 attendees that Atari is serious about marketing the Jaguar.  No
 less than 12 screens positioned throughout the room carried the
 video, as well as Jaguar game play.  10 Jaguar kiosks were
 stationed throughout the room, each
 showing a different video game title.  John Skruch and other
 employees were also prowling the crowd with pre-production EPROM
 carts in hand, ready to show the visitors the future of Jaguar
   Atari announced the signing of a number of new developers for
 the Jaguar tonight, including Virgin, Interplay, Microprose,
 UBI Soft, Gremlins Graphics, Millenium, and Accolade.  Accolade
 will bring Bobsy, Jack Nicklaus Gold, Al Michaels Announces Hard
 Ball, Brett Hull Hockey, and Charles Barkley Basketball to the
 Jaguar.  Atari Games announced that they will be using the Jaguar
 as a board for their arcade games.  There will be a few other
 developers that will be announced in a press release a little
 later on, as well as more details regarding the specific titles
 that they will be developing for the Jaguar.
   Tonight, it was also brought to my attention that there are
 reports circulating stating that we have stopped our computer
 business.  I'm happy to state that this rumor is 100% FALSE!
 Atari is not leaving the computer business, we are still
 producing the Atari Falcon030.  Just a few weeks ago, James
 Grunke was here in New York for the Audio Engineering Society
 Show, where Cubase Audio for Falcon by Steinberg was released. We
 feel that the Falcon is just now starting to see applications tha
 take advantage of it's unique capabilities.  With that, we're
 ready to take any questions about the event tonight, Lou, or
 anything else that our users might like to ask either Ron or I
 about. ga
<[Dave] D.SHORR>
   Congrats on the Jaguar, Bob!  I did have a computer question
 but as I'm the first person at the mike, I'll change it;): will I
 be able to use my Atari SC1224 color monitor with the Jaguar?  GA.
<[Bob & Ron] BOB-BRODIE>
   Hi Dave, will be able to use youe SC1224 or your
 SC1435 with the Jaguar.  In fact, we'll be using the SC1224 in th
 BOB-BRODIE> in store interactive Kiosks that we're designing.  It
 will requir you to have the optional RGB cable to use the SC1224
 with the Jaguar, though.  It's a great picture. :) GA
<[ScottJ] S.CORLEY1>
   Bob, could you give us an idea as to when Jaguars will be
released nationwide?  Also, is Atari going to put out a promotional
videotape like the one put out by Panasonic for 3d0? It was really
impressive. GA.
<[Bob & Ron] BOB-BRODIE>
   The Jaguar will be sold nationally next year.  If you live in an
 area where the Jaguar is not presently being sold, but wish to
 purchase on, you can do so via our customer service department.  I'll
 pass all of the information on purchasing a Jaguar to Atari Explorer
 Online so they can write it up for everyone.  We showed the videos
 tonight at the launch event, and they were very well received.  One
 of them is designed to be run as a commercial, "sandwiched" around
 another commercial.
<[Graham] G.NORTON>
   Bob can we expect the Jags in Canada Jan 1?
   Also do you have any cheap Atari stock to sell! :)
<[Bob & Ron] BOB-BRODIE>
   I'm honestly not sure what timeframe we're looking at for Canada
 Graham :)  Cheap stock?  Not this week!! :) :)
<[NevMan] NEVIN-S>
   Thanks. I have two questions. First, is the Jaguar in production,
 or were you showing a prototype? Second, on a more personal note,
 how did it feel tonight after years of struggling in the computer
 market to get the press to pay attention to you, to have them all
 there in that room? ga
<[Bob & Ron] BOB-BRODIE>
   Yes, the Jaguar is in production...but we did show units from the
 pilot production run that was done first.  Re you're second question,
 it was very nice.  Especially nice was to meet so many of the
 international press members that I have read about or corresponded
 with over the years.  I met with Steve Young of CNN today and spoke
 with him before and after his filmed interview with Sam. (Boy does
 he hate Windows!) Paula Richards of ST Format was also on hand, and
 I really enjoyed getting to talk with her.  All in all, a really
 exciting experience.  I know that Ron enjoyed getting to meet the
 Tramiels.  All of them, including Jack were very happy to meet one
 of thier longest, and best known supporters.  When Sam was introduced
 to Ron, he spent quite a bit of his time letting Ron know how much he
 appreciated his many years of service to the Atari Community.  I like
 him, too. :)
   Hope that covered it, Nevin. :)
<[Ed] E.LIN1>
   how do the initial Jaguar games compare to the 3DO in terms of
<[Bob & Ron] BOB-BRODIE>
   Ed, I have only seen Crash 'n Burn.  It's a different sort of game
 than we have done so far.  We've provided a number of screen shots
 that are available for downloading from the ST RT library via Atari
 Explorer Online Magazine.  Rather than Ron and I giving you our
 opinion, why don't you download the Jaguar pics yourself and take a
 look at them?  I'm sure that you'll be very impressed with them.
 Especially Crescent Galaxy! :) ga
   Bob -- To change the topic a little, Atari may still be producing
 the Falcon030, but with perhaps only a few thousand units sold it is
 obvious something more needs to be done than make them. <grin> Does
 Atari have plans to sell the Falcon030 through less passive means?
 For instance, with the help of some enthused writers, the Falcon030
 has gained the interest of several special interest magazines, and it
 seems this would be the perfect way to "sneak" into a market, and at
 very little expense... GA
<[Bob & Ron] BOB-BRODIE>
   Sean, at this point we have no such plans.  We're always interested
 in listening to proposals, though.  I'd suggest that you contact
 Garry Tramiel if you have some suggestions about selling the Falcon030
 via a unique means. :)
<[Zombie] R.ANISKO>
   Bob, with the Jaguar about to come out, and the Lynx available, is
 Atari planning on releasing the same games on both systems - it makes
 nice cross-over sales and advertising... (like Nint*ndo w/ the SNES
 and Gameboy)? ga
<[Bob & Ron] BOB-BRODIE>
   Yes and no, Rob.  :)
   There is no question that there is some terrific opportunities to
 do EXACTLY what you've described. However, on the other hand we know
 that the hand held market is no where as big as the home console
 market. Plus, the Jaguar makes possible things that canno be done on
 ANY OTHER GAME MACHINE, including the Lynx.  So it's only natural,
 IMHO, that developers will look to do something new and exciting to
 stretch the envelope with the Jaguar.  We do envision there being
 some titles that will be made available for the Lynx as well though.
<[Dale] D.ELLIS16>
   Congrads Bob, Ron, John, Jerri. Jerri was Bob really there or
 across the street at Les Miserables? ;-) Real Questions:Have you
 thought about selling any of the products via TV Shopping? Any TV
 shows about the Jag?  Like Discovery or FutureWatch? GA
<[Bob & Ron] BOB-BRODIE>
   Jerri says he was really there...thanks for checking up on him.
 Now, on to the "real" questions, we are open to all of those
 opportunities, but first want to get back into the "regular" retail
 environment.  We feel that it is important that consumers be able
 to go into a store and actually see, and try out a Jaguar to fully
 appreciate it.  So we're very excited to be in stores like Toys 'R
 Us, The Wiz, Babbages, Electronic Boutique, Kaybee Toys....and
   Bob, I am interested in programming for Atari as a developer.
 In your honest opinion, is this release the "do-it" thing that will
 put Atari back in the forefront of computers,and why is it taking so
 long for the Falcon to get software???
<[Bob & Ron] BOB-BRODIE>
   Hi Gary.  Yes, I think that the Jaguar is going to be a very big
 product for Atari.  If you hae aspirations about developing for the
 Jaguar, I'm sure that Bill Rehbock would like to talk to you.  Re
 the Falcon...I think there are several reasons that it's taking so
 long.  #1 - Poor Sales.  The economy in California where we do much
 of our business, is MISERABLE.  And it's true not only for Atari,
 but other companies as well. One of the stock analysts that was at
 the event tonight told me that Apple is now sitting on a HUGE
 inventory of products.  He said numbers that frankly, I had a hard
 time believing. So, the computer hardware business is just really
 tough right now. One of the other reasons it's taking so long is us:
 we've reduced our company in size to such a small level that it is
 really tough to be able to do everything that we would like to be
 able to do.  For example, there was some staff at the event tonight
 from ST Informer.  But I never had a chance to spend more than a few
 seconds with them at a time.  I hate that, frankly.  And think that
 once we've added some additional staff we'll be in a better position
 to do the things that we need to do to properly  support ALL of our
 products. GA
<[delroy Blake] D.BLAKE>
   I have 3 questions for you.
   1) What are the specs on the Jag over sees news travels slow
   2) do you inted to market to the Army-AirForce Excange Stores Lots
 of people with money to spend and
   3) What ever happen to UNIX FOR THE TT,
<[Bob & Ron] BOB-BRODIE>
   Good evening Delroy, thank you for attending our RTC tonight!!!
 Regarding your questions....WOW! :)  I'll give you a quick run down
 on the specs, but I'd prefer that you check out the library here on
 GEnie in the ST RT for file AEO_SE1.ZIP That file has full set of
 press releases including block diagrams of the entire Jaguar system.
 The Jaguar is a full 64 bit system that has 5 microprocessors on
 three chips, including a 64 Bit RISC processor, a 32 Bit RISC
 processor, and a 68000.  The bus is a full 64 bit bus.  It is capable
 of 32 bit color, with over 16.7 million colors, and 16 bit stereo CD
 sound.  BTW, I've just been informed by Travis Guy, Editor of AEO that
 the correct file name is AEO_SE_J.ZIP  :)  Thanks, Travis.  The file
 will also have some Jaguar screen shots in it in GIF format. :)
   Re the Army/Air Force stuff....not right away, but maybe next year.
 At first we're doing a New York/San Francisco rollout of the Jaguar
 this year, then we'll finish our plans for the rest of the US later.
 Certainly, we want to find a way to provide the Jaguar to the
   Lastly, re TT UNIX, we cancelled the BOB-BRODIE> project because we
 didn't feel that our version of UNIX was cost effective enough to be
 chosen by a broad base of people.  We did feel that Atari UNIX could
 have been run as a text based UNIX on the Falcon, but we couldn't have
 close to being able to support it properly, so we cancelled it. GA
<[Chris] C.OATES2>
   Two questions:  First, when might we see the first Jaguar TV ads?
   Second, about how many Jaguars have been manufactued to date?
<[Bob & Ron] BOB-BRODIE>
   Chris, in the areas that the Jaguar is going to be sold (NY or San
 Francisco) you'll start to see teaser ads next week.  The "real ads"
 will start shortly after that.  Re how many Jags have been built, to
 be honest, I don't know. I'd need to check with our VP of Manufacturing
 ....he's not here. It's an incredibly small hotel room. :)
<[Sir Fransis] K.DRAKE>
   What do you forsee being the first network use for the Jaguar (Other
 than ComLynx)
<[Bob & Ron] BOB-BRODIE>
   I really don't know. :)  I haven't had enough time to think about
 that yet.  For the most part, we've been looking at the system as a game
 machine for the home to compete against Sega and Nintendo, not so much
 as a network machine.  I do know that Sam is very keenly interested in
 interactive TV via cable. ga
<[Tony Tramiel] WETMORE>
   Bob and everyone:  Bravo!  You've all done an incredible job! I have
 2 questions, but they're related... (actually, I have more)
   3) Will I be able to mail-order a Jag from Atari this month?
   4) If not, when will retail stores in NY begin receiving Jags?
<[Bob & Ron] BOB-BRODIE>
   Yes, and the week before Thanksgiving is when they are due in.
<[Chris] C.CASSADAY>
   Bob, can you comment about the possible Dallas distribution point?
  Will the Jaguar be sold at the Incredible Universe this fall?  GA
<[Bob & Ron] BOB-BRODIE>
   I've not been told officially that we're going to be there, but I
 hear tell that we are, Chris.
<[Sam030] SAM-RAPP>
   Hi Bob, Ron, (and others...) What are the possibilities for a modem
 for the Jag?  Is there an RS-232 on the expansion port?
<[Bob & Ron] BOB-BRODIE>
   Yes, there is an RS-232 on the expansion port, and we envision using
 the DSP connection to be a modem. ga
<[Dave] D.SHORR>
   Has Atari considered offering a cooperative multitasking environment
 to its ST customers?  Couldn't the multitasking AES and Desktop
 contained in the current version of MultiTOS be loaded without MiNT?
<[Bob & Ron] BOB-BRODIE>
   Dave, I'm just not techincal enough to discuss that with you. The
 best solution that I can see now is to use MultiTOS with Geneva from
 Gribnif Software.
   More than 1 question but only requires small answers! :) I just
 yesterday got my base unit Falcon(yea!) when can I get an official
 hard drive upgrade kit? Will Atari be able to challenge CD-32 in
 Europe since they are producing 20,000 units a week now? Tantalize me
 with visions of a Lynx II with the Jaguar chipset!!! Final Question...
 Jaguar sales truly to be funneled to Falcon!!! (hope,hope,hope) LOVE
 my Falcon BTW...thanx GA
<[Bob & Ron] BOB-BRODIE>
   Don't know about the HD kit, get a SCSI-II cable and go external
 for now.  The drives are bigger and cheaper than the tiny IDEs.  We
 will not challenge CD-32 in Europe...we will defeat them.
<[Kevin Houser] PG.MUSIC>
   Bob, any hope for a Falcon based dev system for the Jag &/or Lynx?
 Also, could I get a 'factory' direct Jag when I go to Charlotte this
 weekend. <g> I'm interested in doing music related Jag titles. Doezit
 have a Midi port? <g> Kevin in Atlanta, PG Music Atari development...
 BTW, all PG Music stuff (new) is written on a Falcon030/14/120 <g> Good
 European sales too.
<[Bob & Ron] BOB-BRODIE>
   Hi Kevin.  Yes, there is a TOS based dev system for the Jaguar now.
 I think it is quite logical to assume that it will be ported to the
 Falcon.  Sorry, IBM is not selling the Jaguar Factory Direct at all.
 They build it, warehouse it, and ship it. That's all.  No MIDI port,
 but wow!  It can make terrific music!!
<[NewSTar Tech] C.S.SMETON>
   Bob, where (what stores) and when can I tell my buddy in NYC
 to buy a Jaguar for me? ga
<[Bob & Ron] BOB-BRODIE>
   The Wiz, Babbages, Toys 'R Us, Electronic Boutique, Kaybee Toys,
 that enough Charles? GA
<[FSU #1!] AEO.MAG>
   Evening sirs! It sounds like everyone had a great time tonight.
 Bob, I think I can speak for every Atarians in saying it's good to
 finally have Atari back on track to the forefront - where we feel
 Atari belongs. Can you give us some specific reactions from some
 of the crowd at the event? Paul Harvey mentioned Atari and the
 Jaguar today in his radio show, and it was very positive. Go Atari!
<[Bob & Ron] BOB-BRODIE>
   Evening, Travis!  It's great to see you online tonight!!  Ron
 sez Hi!!  We at Atari are very grateful for the fine job that you
 and rest of the very fine staff at Atari Explorer Online do to
 support the entire Atari Community.  If only all publications would
 follow your excellent example of how to do an online mag! (Well, I
 can dream, can't I?!?!?!)  Today, USA Today ran a very nice article
 about Video Games, and featured a full color picture of the Jaguar
 on the LIFE Section of the paper.  The San Jose Mercury News also
 ran a terrific article on the Jaguar.  Many of the people that were
 at the event tonight were financial writers, or business writers.
 They to a large degree, were not exposed to the Jaguar games until
 tonight for the very first time.  They thought that the games
 looked and sounded great, as well as the pricing on the Jaguar
 for real consumers, rather than the high prices that 3DO is charging
 for their player.  Overall, it was a very exciting night.  Many
 people came to see how serious Atari was about the Jaguar... they
 came skeptics and left believers!  Look for a Jaguar cover on an
 upcoming issue of Die Hard Game Fan, as well as 8 full color pages
 of coverage from Die Hard!
<[J.Battey] J.BATTEY1>
   Was Ziff-Davis there tonight? (What, no coffee mugs!) ga
<[Bob & Ron] BOB-BRODIE>
   I'd have to look at the final attendance list to be sure.  There
 is a list of people that did RSVP, but not all of them made it.  Not
 sure about Ziff, sorry.
<[ScottJ] S.CORLEY1>
   Bob, why did Atari raise the list price of the Jaguar by $50? Also
 do you have  any idea of the price that Jaguar games will sell for?
 Thanks. GA.
<[Bob & Ron] BOB-BRODIE>
   To cover the cost of the included game, which was a bit more than
 we had expected it to be.  The price of the games will be in the
 49-89 range, depending on the title, and the developer. ga
<[Andy] L.SMITH70>
   Bob...  First, Congrats!!  Second, I heard the following on the
 Internet...  I heard the Jaguar has a 'startup' sequence consisting
 of the Atari Fuji, a digitized roar, and a rotating cube with a
 jaguar on each side.  True?  false?  More info?  :)   Also glad to
 hear you got Virgin!  ga
<[Bob & Ron] BOB-BRODIE>
   Andy, TRUE!  When the Jaguar is first turned on, the Red Jaguar
 logo comes on the screen, there is a digitized roar, and then a
 group of letters spelling out ATARI drop down from the top of the
 screen.  Then there is a cube with digitized pics of a jaguar that
 rotates while a quick version of "Have you played Atari today?" is
<[Network 23] R.MARTIN22>
   Bob, is Atari still earmarking $3 million for the NY/SF release,
 and what is the $$$ for 1994 nationwide release?  ga
<[Bob & Ron] BOB-BRODIE>
   Yes.   We are earmarking that much for this y ear's release and
 we are finalizing next year's plans now.  Part of the planning is
 dependent on who our retail partners are.
<[Gene] E.WINDELL>
   About 10 minutes ago, CNN Headline News described the Jag's
 technical features as part of a larger story about new computer
 graphics technology.  Other than the Fuji logo, no pictures were
 shown.  I'm sure they will play it again.
<[Mike Lipson] M.LIPSON>
   Hi Bob and Lou!  Does the Atari/IBM contract allow IBM to
 license Jaguar technology for Big Blue's computers and is IBM
 interested in having Jaguar expansion boards?
<[Bob & Ron] BOB-BRODIE>
   No, the contract does not allow IBM to use the Jaguar chipset
 for any of their products.  We are having some discussions with
 them about other possible uses for the Jaguar chipset.
   Bob, did you let the cat out of the bag i.e.the BIG developer that
 was to surprise all of us and is the TT030 still alive ga
<[Bob & Ron] BOB-BRODIE>
   Which BIG developer???  Accolade, Virgin, or Interplay?  :-)
<[Tim@AEO] AEO.8>
   On an earlier question about the falcons, I happen to know that
 Tecnation and High End will be selling Falcons as use in Discos as
 lighting systems, with nifty video effects. anywayss my question:
 When is the jaguar to be sold in europe? (BTW, that product is
 called Cyber V)
<[Bob & Ron] BOB-BRODIE>
   Yes they are Tim, thanks for pointing that out for everyone.  We
 will be selling some units in the holiday season this year in Europe.
<[David] D.FREELAND>
   Are there any plans to advertise the Falcon030 at all? What can
 you tell us about new Falcon products such as DSP modem, etc...  It
 seems the Jaguar should allow Atari to push the Falcon more than it
 has so far.  Go Jaguar!!!
<[Bob & Ron] BOB-BRODIE>
   Dave....  Plans to advertise the Falcon remain unchanged.  We
 will advertise cooperativly in the markets where we have an
 advantage, such as music with partners like Steinberg, thank you!
<[Harj] H.NAGRA1>
   What games will be available for the Jaguar this year? (...just
 saw the Atari Fuji on CNN about 10 minutes ago!!!)  You should
 let Video Games magazine know that the Jag is truly 64-bit and
 not 32-bit as they state in their latest issue.
<[Bob & Ron] BOB-BRODIE>
   Bob is near death!  :-)  Ron typing@  Hi Harj...  Bob has
 already written a letter to Video Games and will mail it when he
 returns to Sunnyvale.  Your right, they certainly made some
 mistakes!  GA
   THe four games available will be:
     Crescent Galaxy,
     Raiden and
   We expected Checkerd Flag to be ready but it's late!  GA
   Bob, can you tell us specifically what the Atari vs. Sega suit
 is all about concerning the scrolling? ga
<[Bob & Ron] BOB-BRODIE>
   Jim Thornhill, other than the press release, I have no other
 information to share with you at this time.
<[James] J.VOGH>
   How large are the areas (NY and SF) where the Jaguar will be
 released.  For example, will stores in Connecticut and possibly
 Massachusetts also have the Jaguar?
<[Bob & Ron] BOB-BRODIE>
   James:  I believe for the retail chains we are talking metro
 NY and the San Fran bay area.  Connecticut _MIGHT_ see a few
 Jags but I really doubt Mass will except for our current Atari
 dealers.  GA
<[--Sandy] AEO.9>
   My 1st RTC. Can you tell us anything about how you interact with
 Time Warner
<[Bob & Ron] BOB-BRODIE>
   Sandy.. Welcome to your FIRST RTC here on GEnie.  We have an
 arrangement with Time-Life to have access to their vast library of
 film and sound clips to be used with Jaguar titles.  Other than
 that, they own about 23% of Atari.  GA
<[Gregg] AEO.7>
   I'm impressed, I wish I could have been up there in NY for the
 show....  However, while we're all hoping to see the Jag become
 THE dominate factor in the game industry, I'm more Atari computer
 oriented and have to ask if you've any idea how long it will be
 before we can expect to see the Jag's fnatastic graphics and audio
 made available in a TOS-based Atari computer and/or on a VME card
 for the TT/MegaSTe line?  thanks, and keep up the great work.
<[Bob & Ron] BOB-BRODIE>
   Gregg, Nice to hear from you.  At this point in time, it's nearly
 impossible to project when that might happen.  For one thing some
 of the developer tools for the Jaguar are still maturing.  Also,
 doing such an enterprise would require the addition of even more
 staff to assure that it could be done properly.  Let us get the
 Jaguar properly launched, supported, and in the market place and
 we'll see that we can do on the computer side.
<[Sir Fransis] K.DRAKE>
   How many sounds can the Jag generate simultaneously (3DO=8)?
 Where is the ComLynx port? Any CD titles in development (7th
 Guest)? Thanks 4 coming! ga
<[Bob & Ron] BOB-BRODIE>
   The ComLynx port is incorporated in the expansion port at the
 rear of the machine.  ga
   A couple real quickies (I hope):  Will the "accessory" cables
 and such (S-Video, etc) be available at launch (ie. 2 weeks or so)?
 Also, can we expect/hope for any Atari coin-op translations next
 year?  Such as: Hard/Race Drivin', Steel Talons, etc?
   And, again - thanks(!!) for coming online and staying so long!
<[Bob & Ron] BOB-BRODIE>
   Yes, there will be conversions of coin op games, although not
 all of them will be Atari Games products.  For instance, Virtua
 Racing is one of the games that we are looking at as a model for
 what will be done with at least one of the racing games that
 we're working on.  Re the cables, not 100% sure on that, although
 they should be along quite soon.  :) ga
   A record breaking night for Atari and Dateline Atari! Record
 length, record number of questions, record number of attendees.
 What can I say.  Congratulation to Bob and his guest (and friend)
 Ron Kovacs for their service above and beyond. GA
<[Bob & Ron] BOB-BRODIE>
   Lou, THANKS!  It has been a really long day for us here in New
 York.  I'm very grateful to our official online service GEnie and
 to our friends that staff the Atari RT's for allowing us to share
 this very special evening for a Dateline: Atari Conference.  While
 we normally do this on a Friday night, I will be up in the air, on
 my way home to California when the conference will normally be
 running. Thanks to GEnie for allowing us some slack in scheduling
 this time. :)  I'm also grateful that my very good friend Ron
 Kovacs could be here to share his impressions of the Jaguar launch
 event, as well as help with the typing tonight.  A rare privlidge
 for me to hand over the keyboard and just give my answers without
 having to type all night long!! :) Thank you all for coming.  We
 had a very enjoyable evening. And we look forward to our next
 session of Dateline: Atari with you next month, here on the official
 Atari online resource: GEnie. I hope that you all enjoy the rest of
 the evening, and the beginning of the holiday season. Happy
 Thanksgiving to you all.  Good night!
   You are most welcome, Bob. The pleasure truly is ours. Folks,
 look for this transcript in AEO or in library 13 on Saturday morning.
 Thanks to everyone for coming and have a safe drive home :-) <Bob,
 get to sleep!!>


(C) Marko, Suomen Atari-sivut / ArkiSTo 2003